About Knightlab

Knightlab is an independent Brisbane-based digital strategist and marketing specialist.

Hi I'm Jordan. I started Knightlab in order to do digital differently. The aim is to change how others approach digital, starting with the approach, all the way to execution for more long-term and permanent results.
Circa 2015 - How it started, click to see how it's going.
Circa 2021 - New hair, who dis?!

About Knightlab

Independent Brisbane-based digital strategist and marketing specialist.

Knightlab was started in order to deliver a different wave of digital and strategic operations. Starting with the approach, all the way to the execution.

Knightlab can help with...



The digital landscape is ever changing. Knightlab uncovers tools and pillars required to thrive.


Strategy is at the forefront and dictates why and how we do things. Without the proper thought and strategy, actions and tactics become aimless.


Execution steeped in Discovery and Strategy lends itself to long-term, more permanent change.

Why engage an independent digital specialist?

No need to get a full time digital specialist on board, hire only when you need one.


Faster roll-out

An independent freelancer has the flexibility and experience to roll-out effective digital strategies in less time.


Stay on top of the trends

Freelancers typically have multiple clients, different contexts, access to resources etc. We’re typically forced to stay on top of the latest trends or emerging practices.


Another set of eyes (or two)

Engaging a fresh pair of eyes challenges the status-quo of how things have been done and raises the ceiling of limitations.


Connection to other freelancing legends

Knightlab can easily connect clients to other independent specialists and leverage their talents for your next project.

Do Digital Differently.

Contact us for your next project or if you just want to pick the Knightlab brain.