Knightlab is a
Brisbane based
Digital & Strategy

What's Knightlab?

Knightlab was started to work with companies large and small - as well as agencies - to bring digital strategy to life and navigate the ones & zeroes of all things digital.

The goal is to change the way people approach and think digital and marketing, for more long-term and permanent results. 

Knightlab is an independent digital and strategy specialist. The lovechild of a freelancer, consultant, and agency.

Run and operated by (Knight) Jordan Lim, Knightlab’s goal is to work with marketing teams to maximise their existing digital stack and capabilities.

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Knightlab was engaged to implement progressive B2B digital strategies for one of the nation’s leading occupational health and hygiene providers and their never-seen-before innovative products.


Knightlab delivered and maintained positive Google Advertising campaigns for Scody, an Australian based sportswear manufacturer. Keeping a consistent digital approach in mind, Knightlab maintained a healthy ROI and consistently identified opportunities for the client.

Orange Sky

Knightlab has the privilege of providing digital and development support for Orange Sky and their multiple other charitable initiatives for homelessness in Australia and New Zealand. With their multiple different platforms with differing functions, Knightlab was engaged to get the best out of each system against their campaign objectives.

And many more projects from the employee agency days, get in touch to find out more.

Do Digital Differently

• Change Your Approach •  Change Your Results • Do Digital Differently •  Change Your Approach •

Change Your Results • Do Digital Differently • Change Your Approach • Change Your Results • Do Digital Differently •


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Digital & Marketing Strategy

Website Development

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Analytics & Reporting

Why engage an independent digital specialist?

No need to get a full time digital specialist on board, hire only when you need one.

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Faster roll-out

An independent digital specialist has the flexibility and experience to roll-out effective digital strategies in less time.


Stay on top of the trends

A freelance digital specialist typically has multiple clients, different contexts, access to resources etc. We’re typically forced to stay on top of trends or emerging practices.



Another set of eyes (or two)

Engaging an outsider to an organisation challenges the status-quo of how things have been done and raises the ceiling of limitations.


Connection to other freelancing legends

Knightlab can easily connect clients to other specialist freelancers and leverage their talents for your next project.
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Expressing the true values of a brand to connect with the customer
Sol And The Tribu
Creating a futuristic story of superheroes for an Album Release

Do Digital Differently

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